Should Gov. Blagojevich resign?

Calls for him to step down increase
CHICAGO "Governor Blagojevich I think in his heart knows that he has to resign. It's better for the public to have that than to go through the ordeal of impeachment. But that may happen if the governor doesn't step aside," said Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, (D) Illinois, from the Hines VA Hospital.

Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, who would replace Blagojevich, is not alone in calling for the governor's resignation. Attorney General Lisa Madigan, as well as Pres.-Elect Barack Obama, are also asking him to step down.

"I think the governor should do the right thing for the people of Illinois. He should resign. It is very clear that he is incapable of governing," said Attorney General Madigan.

Through his lawyer, the governor has said he has done nothing wrong and has no intention of resigning.

"If he won't resign, we have to use either the impeachment process or there is another legal process where the attorney general can petition to the Illinois Supreme Court and ask the court to determine that the governor is not able to carry out his duties," said Lt. Gov. Quinn.

On Tuesday morning, state leaders said they will meet for a special session in Springfield next Monday to discuss ways to curb the governor's appointment power- and possible impeachment.

"There are a number of mechanisms to prevent him from appointing anybody. Nobody in their right mind would accept an appointment from this governor. It is so tainted at this point," said Attorney General Madigan.

According to the Illinois Constitution, the Illinois House must begin impeachment proceedings. They only require a simple majority in the House. However, in the Senate, there must be a two-thirds majority vote for the governor to be removed from office.

"It's hard to believe that those kinds of things would go on. The U.S. Senate, Abraham Lincoln ran against Steven Douglas for U.S. Senate from Illinois. It's a special seat. It has been held by people like Paul Douglas and Paul Simon and barrack Obama. To have the senate put up for auction is a sad day indeed. It's shameful," said Lt. Gov. Quinn.

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