Drew Peterson says he's engaged

Peterson is still married to his fourth wife, Stacy, who has been missing since last year. Peterson has been named a suspect in her disappearance. He is also being investigated in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Drew Peterson declined to talk to ABC7 on camera Wednesday afternoon. Once the camera was off, we asked whether he was engaged. He said "Maybe" and began chuckling. He wouldn't comment about the woman believed to be his fiancee. He would not comment about a wedding date. He would only say he didn't want to talk, because, in his words, he says the media has a way of ruining his life, and he doesn't want his life ruined right now.

Drew Peterson would not confirm his engagement , and he asked ABC7 to call his publicist, who did confirm the news. So did an author who has written a book about Peterson. Derek Armstrong tells ABC7 he talked to Peterson on Tuesday, and while Drew Peterson may be drawn to vivacious, fun, happy women, his new fiancee's family does not approve of their relationship.

"She's in danger, and there's a repeating pattern, and they believe basically he's guilty of what people believe he's guilty of," said Armstrong.

Armstrong says Peterson has been dating his 23-year-old fiancee for about four months. That's the same age of Peterson's fourth and current wife, Stacy, who has been missing since October of 2007. The family's spokeswoman said, initially, she was shocked about the engagement but then realized it was predictable.

"With all the information, with Kathleen Savio's homicide, we can't say she is ignorant of the situation. What her motive is, I have no idea," said Pamela Bosco, Stacy Peterson family spokeswoman.

Technically, Drew and Stacy are still married. Attorney James Quigley says, legally, it would only take a few months for Drew Peterson to dissolve that marriage, claiming Stacy left him.

"He could pursue mental cruelty, physical cruelty. There are a number of bases that one can pursue a dissolution under. But abandonment is the most logical choice," said James Quigley, divorce attorney.

Stacy Peterson's disappearance is still under investigation. And the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, remains unsolved, although it's now a homicide case. Her family also has doubts about Peterson's latest relationship.

"I understand he's a man, but to go ahead and start a new life, like nothing has ever happened, It's kind of ridiculous," said Charles Doman, Kathleen Savio's nephew.

Armstrong, the author who wrote a book about Drew Peterson, said Peterson did not initiate the proposal. The young woman asked him to marry. Armstrong also adds that Peterson said he and his children are in love with the young women.

All of this hinges on his divorce. Armstrong says Peterson has not filed but expects to in the new year.

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