James Quigley, Family Law Attorney

While no specific details have been released, reports claim that his new fiancé is the same age as 4th wife Stacy and lives close by his Bolingbrook residence. While many legal intricacies surrounded the mysterious disappearance and suspected death of Stacy Peterson, the case became more puzzling amidst reports that he too, was involved in the suspicious death of 3rd wife Kathleen Savio. James Quigley, Family Law Attorney with Chicago firm Beermann Swerdlove LLP, acknowledges that although it may involve a number of intricate legal steps, there are ways that Drew could legally file for divorce from wife Stacey, enabling him to proceed with his 5th marriage. "There are legal ways that he could finalize a divorce with Stacy Peterson, even without her death being confirmed," he adds.

James Quigley
Family Law Attorney
Beermann Swerdlove LLP

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