'How to Raise a Super Child'

CHICAGO It is called "How to Raise a Super Child." It's not quite like your traditional parenting books.

It is a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek guide to raising the prodigy of any parent's dreams. The author is a local Chicago guy, Ray Strobel.


The perfect book for every parent or parent-to-be. No baby shower is complete without one!

For every expectant or veteran parents comes a hilarious step-by-step guide to raising the prodigy of any parent's dreams.

More helpful than Baby Mozart tapes, sign language bootcamps, or Mandarin lessons in the womb, this down-and-dirty field guide gives parents the exact steps they need to take in order to raise the next Pope, highly paid TV anchorperson, Miss Universe, Governor of California, Nobel prize winner, bestselling author, billionaire, or more than twenty other occupations of their choosing.

From how to outfit the nursery to the best and worst names for that profession, from the early years to what to download on your future teen's iPod, it's all here in what will become the must-have gift book on the baby shower circuit.

After all, as this book illustrates with on-spot wit, you've got to be prepared as a parent…and retain your sense of humor.

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