Kid-friendly Hanukkah decorating and gift ideas

Most importantly, Hanukkah is a wonderful festivity, especially for children. After lighting the Hanukkah candles together, families and guests often eat and play games to enjoy the season. Michelle Rohrer-Lauer, from Michelle's Interiors has some creative, cost-saving ways to decorate your home for Hanukkah.

Hanukkah is about family, friends, traditions and a beautiful opportunity to open up one's house and heart and spread some joy, Michelle says. Helpful decorating ideas can make is easier on yourself when preparing your home for this celebration.

Elegant and Causal Settings:

· Since most Hanukkah get-togethers center around food and conversation, your dining room table should reveal the most elaborate and creative holiday decorations. Some prefer more elegant settings while others causal. Since Hanukkah is about the children being able to have your table kid friendly is important. If you are looking for a more elegant appearance simply add glitter placemats or napkins. For more causal appearance have solid colored placemats or napkins.

Centerpiece Ideas:

· To insuring great conversation during dinner is to use place settings with name cards and also have an appropriate centerpiece. The centerpiece should be the focal point of the table, yet not distracting to impair conversation across the table. Pre-plan on where you are going to place your serving dishes so you do not need to move everything around once people are seated. By adding a few sticks and pinecones around your serving dishes can be a centerpiece itself. To add color and decoration to your table include a small gift at each place setting for each guest.

Favor Ideas with kids, place cards:

· A great way to give the kids some decorating duties is to have them make the placemats for each guest and help with decorating the cookies. By simply buying felt and craft supplies, kids can express their creativity by making personalized placemats for grandparents, relatives and friends. Also by having name cards and place mates you can have the table arranged where you would like people to seat and insure great conversation over dinner.

Gift Wrapping Ideas:

· With eight days of gifts, wrapping expenses can be somewhat overwhelming. Tips for wrapping gifts for Hanukkah include using things from inside and outside the home. For example, use blue cellophane to wrap gifts and then spray paint twigs and pine cones from the backyard silver and incorporate as decoration on the gift. This gift wrapping tip can also be transformed into a beautiful, inexpensive centerpiece for the table setting.

Michelle's Interiors:

Michelle Rohrer-Lauer of Michelle's Interiors Design Group is an award-winning professional in Interior Design. Catering to a wide-range audience of all ages and design needs, Michelle has 25 years experience both as a designer and a business owner. Her work has been published in Better Homes and Gardens, Midwest Living, and newspapers such as Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald. Michelle has also been awarded the Best of the Best Design Award and Artistic Surface Award by Chicago Home & Garden Magazine.

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