Amtrak train derails, delays Metra travelers

Extreme delays at Union Station
January 14, 2009 9:32:28 PM PST
An Amtrak train derailment just south of Union Station turned Wednesday evening's ride home into a mess for thousands of commuters.The derailment shut down three Metra lines: Burlington Northern Santa Fe to Aurora, the Heritage Corridor to Joliet; and the Southwest train to Manhattan.

Crowds of commuters packed union station with nowhere to go.

One woman hurt her ankle after getting caught in the push of passengers trying to get home.

The derailed train has now been moved and crews are checking the tracks. Metra hopes there will be no problems on Thursday morning.

The derailment came just hours after a miscommunication forced a Metra train heading from Chicago to Aurora to make an emergency stop in Lisle.

Police searched everyone on the train when an armed secret service agent caused a scare by asking a ticket agent about train security.

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