Good food, friends, family at Perfect Peace Cafe

January 16, 2009 10:53:24 AM PST
Julie Welborn and Denise Nicholes wanted a place for residents in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood to gather and enjoy fresh-baked goods and sandwiches. The Perfect Peace Café and Bakery is relatively new to the economically-blighted Auburn Gresham neighborhood on the city's South Side. The café's big windows are inviting.

"The neighborhood needed something there was a void there were no bakeries there were no healthy food places no places really to gather outside of a church or your own home," said Welborn.

"We also went around looking at different cafes and different places to see what we would want to bring to our own place to make it more comfortable and a place that people would to come to enjoy and relax," said Nicholes.

In July of 2007 the hopes and dreams for the business came to fruition when the cafe and bakery opened its doors to the public.

Welborn and Nicholes have created a menu of specialty sandwiches, called savory eats, along with an offering of bakery items, called sweet treats. They admit they were surprised by the demands of being in business. They work 15 hours a day and a sofar have received no profit from the business.

"I've seen too many people come in and say thank you, thank you for choosing this place," said Welborn. "That one person that comes in makes it worth it while...yeah we've had some hard times, but I can not imagine being anyplace else right now and doing anything else other than being here every day."

"There have been times when my children and I we spent a good portion of the day and on into the night here preparing food," said Nicholes. "It's an awesome experience because ....I beat it.. I'm there I'm on my way to the vision and the dream I want for myself."

Perfect Peace Café
1255 W 79th St

Chicago, IL 60620

(773) 224-2233