Who's who of city leaders at MLK breakfast

Mayor Daley sings "We Shall Overcome"
January 16, 2009 2:24:22 PM PST
Chicago's annual Martin Luther King Breakfast takes on a special meaning this year.Chicago's annual Martin Luther King Breakfast was held Friday morning. Most of the guests could not help but think about the historic inauguration that's set to take place in just four days.

A who's who of Chicago politicians and religious leaders Friday morning-- the keynote speaker for the event was reverend Dr. Otis Moss Jr. He is a civil rights pioneer who worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The breakfast ended with Mayor Daley joining many of his guests on stage singing "We Shall Overcome."

Among the dozens of dignitaries in attendance were Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Police Superintendent Jody Weis, Arne Duncan and dozens of alderman and state senators.

This is the 23rd annual interfaith breakfast which celebrates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This year was special in particular because of the keynote speaker, a man who is among the most renowned civil rights leaders in the country. Rev. Moss has been the pastor of the Olivet Baptist Church in Cleveland for the past 33 years. A good portion of his message Friday centered around the election of Barack Obama.

"We knew that the day would come, but we didn't know the date. And the date became November 4, 2008, for the first time I saw springtime in November. I saw sunlight at midnight," said Rev. Dr. Otis Moss Jr.

"Dr. Moss has the perspective--here's somebody that walked with King, went to jail with King, and he brings that whole perspective, looking at from 1968 to King's assassination to today, getting ready for Barack's inauguration. Here is history meeting the president," said Father Michael Pfleger.

The mayor and most of his distinguished guests will be in Washington for Barack Obama's inauguration.