Chicago students watch inauguration

January 20, 2009 3:37:22 PM PST
Chicago students were glued to TVs as history was made on January 20, 2009.Several grades from the Hawthorne Scholastic Academy on the North Side sat in the school auditorium and watched closely the swearing in ceremony of the forty-fourth president of the United States Of America, Barack Hussein Obama. Many took notes andothers were memorized.

"An African American becoming president it means change it is so big for America," said Earl Schulz, Hawthorne Academy.

"It shows that anyone who really works hard can become president and that is meaningful for me and for anyone," said Noah Asimow, Hawthorne Academy.

"It goes to show that we can pretty much do what we put our minds to," said Graham Zolkowski, Hawthorne Academy.

"Although he promised several things, we are also going to have to work hard," said Amelia Rockhold, Hawthorne Academy.

"That they understand they have to make a difference in the world," said Anna Alvarrado, Hawthorne Academy principal.

The fifth graders received a special invitation to the Hawthorne Scholastic Inaugural Ball, which took place following the presidential swearing in. The students walked in pairs on the red carpet to attend the ball. Parents prepared the food and decorations.

"This is really exciting for my kids and for me," said Karen Pulver, Hawthorne parent.

"I would like to be with Barack but it is fun to be with my friends," said Skylar Pulver, Hawthorne student.

"This is just little representation and a celebration of what is really going on," said Annabel Doerr, Hawthorne parent.

"It is fun. I do not get dressed up that often! It is fun," said Lisa Doerr, Hawthorne parent.

Students toasted the new administration and held their own swearing in ceremony for the class.