Chicago enjoys a taste of spring

February 10, 2009 4:16:46 PM PST
The Chicago area is enjoying some sweet relief from winter. Temperatures soared into the 60s Tuesday afternoon. But don't pack the parka away just yet. Thousands of Chicagoans took advantage of the mild weather Tuesday to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities.

Now this is what February in Chicago needs to always look like: people out riding their bikes, jogging, doing yoga on the beach...playing some volleyball.

"Whenever it's beyond 50 we try to be (at the beach) and have fun," said Mike Mohiuddin.

At the nearby Lincoln Park Zoo, the lions also seemed to enjoy the nice weather, coming out of their indoor enclosure to lay in the sun. The polar bears, however, were nowhere to be seen.

"You've got to enjoy it. There's not very many of these," said Brenda Reyes.

"We're taking advantage of the one warm day so far. It's a little tease," said Victoria Sloan.

Still, there were some people who apparently didn't get the memo. On Michigan Avenue there was a mix of those stubbornly hanging onto winter and others in full spring mode.

"My husband and I just moved to Florida from Chicago. I'm back visiting and I feel responsible for having brought the warm weather. So, I would like some credit," said Amy Orzel.