Charges dropped against 2 CPD officers

February 11, 2009 5:08:02 PM PST
Charges have been dropped against two Chicago police officers accused of stealing money from innocent citizens and from drug dealers.In all, seven officers from the now disbanded Special Operations Section had been charged.

Thomas Sherry and Carl Suchocki were first charged in September of 2006 with a number of very serious felony charges. The last of those charges - a state charge - was dismissed, however, on Wednesday in court. ABC7 has been told that a federal investigation into all of the officers is continuing.

Tarrence Thompson spent three years in prison after being falsely convicted of unlawful use of a weapon, a weapon he says was planted by S.O.S. officer Carl Suchocki. After a judge ordered a new trial, the case was dropped. By then, Suchocki had troubles of his own, charged criminally as part of the infamous S.O.S. unit that allegedly shook down drug dealers and planted evidence.

"I did some time in the penitentiary, away from my family an my wife, and it's been a struggle," said Thompson.


On Wednesday, the state's attorney's office dropped all the remaining criminal charges against Suchocki as well as Thomas Sherry, two of the seven S.O.S. officers charged with the widespread investigation. Witnesses reportedly are unable to place the two officers at the alleged crime scenes.

"Carl Suchocki is a major player. This dismissal is really?it has to be that there is going to be a bigger and more comprehensive federal case that's being brought against him. It has to signal that," said Chris Smith, Thompson's attorney.

Thompson's attorney, however, believes this is not the end of it for Suchocki.

Thomas Sherry's attorney says his client is free. Sherry is hoping to rejoin the police force.

"There is a federal investigation going and there is probably still a state investigation going, and we wish everybody the best in their investigation. But neither investigation is going to find the time sherry did anything wrong," said Thomas Breen, Sherry's attorney.

ABC7 attempted to reach Carl Suchocki's attorney but was unable to do so.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney's office will only confirm that the case against the alleged ringleader in the S.O.S. investigation, Jerome Finnigan, is proceeding. However, as far as the rest of the investigation, he has no comment.