Durbin hopes foreclosure measure gains momentum

March 2, 2009 2:10:52 PM PST
Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is hopeful a measure designed to prevent foreclosures will gain enough support to pass the second time around. Durbin first introduced the helping families save their homes in bankruptcy act in 2007.

On Monday he was joined by residents and elected officials in a North Side neighborhood to discuss the importance of the measure.

The bill helps homeowners avoid foreclosure by letting them modify the terms of their mortgages while in bankruptcy proceedings.

"Wanna end this recession? end this mortgage foreclosure mess unless and until we do we will continue to struggle the economy and neighborhoods will continue to deteriorate there has to be an end to it I am glad president Obama is taking the leadership," said Durbin

While the bill does face opposition.. Durbin says there is greater chance for it to pass.. Mainly because the foreclosure crisis has worsened since it was first introduced.