Family deals with job loss

March 2, 2009 5:26:50 PM PST
The unemployment rate in Illinois 7.2 percent and is expected to climb even higher.Phillip Arazny, an accountant from Wheaton, lost his job close to a year ago because his company was having financial problems. Now, he spends his day on the computer online looking for work.

On Monday, he got a response from one in Oak Brook.

Arazny's wife Lynn works for Folett Press as an accountant and says she is concerned about their situation.

"With the investments being down, we don't have enough to replenish what we're losing." said Lynn Arazny.

The Araznys look daily in the newspaper for job opportunities and they have had to budget with only one person paying the bills.

"We have cut down on discretionary spending and we also have to think two or three times before we do make that expenditure," said

Fortunately they own their home and are able to survive for the moment on one income. They do not go out to eat or to the movies or buy any new clothing. They stay at home and cook.

"We probably gear more toward the economical foods, the rice and beans and cheaper cuts of meat," said Lynn.

Philip Arazny says the current economic and job climate makes it difficult to find work. He says he has taken classes to advance his Microsoft, financial and managerial skills.

"Businesses are looking at the economy and saying well, do I really need to bring on somebody or do I really need to replace this position?" said Philip.

Job recruiters all say that besides going to the internet looking for a job you have to network and have face-to-face contact with individuals so your resume doesn't just get thrown into an empty bin.

On Monday, Arazny met with Tim Murphy, a professional executive recruiter, in Naperville.

"Being here in front of me, it's more to me than just a resume in a data bank. I see him, talk to him, watch his body language, I see how he interviews and I think that brings tremendous value," said Murphy, Search Path Career Source.

Arazny says he is willing to meet as many people as he can and he is willing to change career paths.