ABC7 Exclusive: Archbishop Desmond Tutu

March 10, 2009 4:39:23 AM PDT
Archbishop Desmund Tutu travels around the world seven months out of the year speaking about everything from apartheid to what music he downloaded onto his i-Phone. He was invited to speak to the Chicago Bar Association on Tuesday. Archbishop Desmond Tutu entered the Sikia Restaurant at Kennedy King College and greeted faculty members and guests.

Archbishop Tutu was interviewed by Kenneth Wright, the president of the Chicago Bar Association, Mr. Tutu's host for his Chicago visit.

Then the first black South African Anglican archbishop of South Africa talked to ABC7 about the importance of the election of President Barack Obama.

"For people of color, and especially for Africans, there is a new spring in our step," said Archbishop Tutu.

The 1984 Nobel Peace Prize recipient says his fight for human rights is far from over.

"It's amazing that we should have the kind of stability that we have but we have levels of poverty that are unacceptable," said said Archbishop Tutu.

Mr. Tutu recounts a moment in childhood when he was given a copy of ebony magazine with Jackie Robinson on the cover.

"Being in a ghetto township, it just blew my mind and it made me grow inches to say, 'we can make it' like your president says,'yes we can,'" said Tutu.

And Mr. Tutu says President Obama will have a big influence on Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics.

"I think there are very few people who are likely to want to deny him," said Tutu.

And he has a message for Oprah whose South African school has changed so many lives.

"The sky is the limit and so it has been a very good investment. Thank you, Oprah," said Tutu.