Human remains found in Oak Park alley

March 11, 2009 3:26:15 PM PDT
A suburban Oak Park resident made a gruesome discovery when he found garbage bags containing body parts in the alley behind his home. A death investigation is under way. Oak Park police say they went into the alley right after the call cane in around 11 a.m. Wednesday morning and what they found was indeed very disturbing for the members of the community.

Oak Park police were called to the alley where garbage bags with an unusual weightiness were found by a passerby. They say the passerby opened one bag and found a human foot.

The alley sits just off an elementary school in a quiet neighborhood. Some who have lived in the tight-knit community for years are concerned.

"I want to keep (my daughter) a little more close to the vest and I'm a little more concerned. I hope it's not anybody from the neighborhood that they found, but yes, it makes me a little bit more concerned," said Tom Sullivan, resident.

Residents of the home adjacent to where the bags were found declined an on-camera interview, but they said that garbage pickup is Friday, and sometimes evidence of crimes from nearby Cicero or Berwyn ends up in their neighborhood.

It is a scenario that worries another neighbor.

"If it happens again tomorrow or the day after I'll start thinking about it, but to me it's an isolated incident and it could happen anywhere," said Greg Morgan, resident.

The police presence was quite large around the neighborhood throughout Wednesday afternoon. Police returned to the department by early evening. They were able to carry out a fairly extensive canvass and were able to understand that the bags were likely dropped off sometime after 9:30 Tuesday night and before 6:30 Wednesday morning.