Scholarship for teens who stay out of trouble?

March 23, 2009 4:37:11 PM PDT
One Illinois lawmaker wants to reward teens who stay of trouble and do well in school by giving them free tuition.State Representative Mike Boland visited Chicago State University Monday. Boland wants to offer what he calls "challenge scholarships" to high school students. They would have to graduate with a C average and stay out of trouble at school and with the law.

"The reward is you'll get your foot in the door of higher education. Hopefully from there you will see the benefit of it. Maybe you'll find some other scholarships, loans, other types of things," said State Rep. Mike Boland, (D) East Moline.

The scholarship amount would equal the cost of 30 credit hours at a community college.

Boland says he would fund the scholarships without tax money.