Weis talks CPD morale, protests

It's the firs time Weis has addressed concerns about his leadership. He insists he takes full responsibility for his department.

"If I, from a firsthand look, saw that I was the cause of morale in this department, no one would have to ask me to leave. I would leave on my own. But when I'm out on the streets, I'm not seeing any indications of poor morale. When a 101 call goes out, officers scramble," said Supt. Weis.

Weis is taking actions to improve equipment and resources for the department.

Last month, rank-and-file officers issued a vote of no confidence in Weis's leadership.

Officers have been working without a contract since 2007 and staged a protest at city hall Thursday to let the mayor and Wweis know they're not happy about it.

Police union leaders were expected to be back at the negotiating table with the city at 12 p. m. Friday.

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