50 Outdoor Activities for Busy Families

April 10, 2009 Working mother Rebecca P. Cohen, Founder and President of Rebecca Plants, LLC, has put together a list of 50 Outdoor Activities for Busy Families. Free download is available online at www.RebeccaPlants.com/bestbets.asp. These are simple, imaginative and fun activities that we all know about but sometimes forget.

Here are a few things to try with your family:

  • Activities as simple as an egg in spoon race can get children active and interacting with each other and nature, and it's a free activity that can be done without any preparation for whenever the best moment strikes!
  • An archaeological dig is a fun and informative activity for children. It's energizing for children to dig around in the dirt or sand for hidden objects and it's a great way to teach them a little history at the same time.
  • Blowing bubbles is a true childhood staple that never gets old. You can make interesting games out of the bubbles like looking for shapes, making the biggest bubble or popping them with your finger.
  • The windowsill herb garden is a great activity that you can start right away and have it ready by Mother's Day for a wonderful present! You can create a mini herb garden right out of a cardboard egg carton.
  • Collect sticks, leaves and nuts and build something make-believe. You'll teach the kids about Mother Nature and stimulate their imaginations.
  • For days that are a little overcast but still have plenty of wind, flying a kite is a great activity; it gets everyone running and exercising.

  • For the complete list of 50 outdoor activities for families click here.

    Rebecca recommends keeping some supplies right by the front door so that when the perfect moment strikes, you're ready to capitalize on it. Whether it's a picnic or an adventure hike, keeping items like a blanket, towel for wet clothes, backpack with water bottles; snacks and a first aid kit; will not only make you prepared but also serve as a reminder to get out of the house for a spontaneous outdoor activity!

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