Musician organizes Music for Peace Festival

May 14, 2009 (CHICAGO) Once a street a performer in Porto Alegre, Brazil, the Brazilian violinist is now a student a North Park University. Wanderley dos Santos has organized the Music for Peace Festival for young Latin musicians and local professionals.

"It's not another gig. It's something much more than that its really a chance for us to use our music to do something for the community," said Deborah Wanderley dos Santos, festival organizer.

Wanderley dos Santos asked some of the city's top musicians to volunteer their services.

"Music and art is tied with volunteerism. We give of ourselves that's what we do. In this case we're looking at the next generation of musicians in people involved in music in a different light," said Alex Klein, festival volunteer and former principal oboe of the Chicago Symphony.

"Any time you interact with musicians of different cultures, it's just a beautiful thing. We play all the time with pros from our culture but any time we can cross over these barriers it can be magical," said Richard Young, concert master of Do It Yourself Messiah and member of the Vermeer Quartet.

"My biggest dream is that one day people will realize that its their own responsibility to provide opportunity for the others we can not wait for government people with high power its up to us to make the change," said Wanderley dos Santos.

The festival runs through Saturday. For information, call The People's Music School at (773) 784-7032 or visit

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