CPS to lay off 500 administrators

ABC7 Exclusive
June 9, 2009 (CHICAGO) Ron Huberman, the schools' chief executive officer, confirmed it on Tuesday night. He said the central office cuts reflect tough economic times, reduced revenues, a desire to streamline administration, and a commitment to protect teachers.

"There will be no classroom teachers cut at all in this particular budget. We know how important our teachers are. We think that's critical. And so we are doing everything we can to safeguard teaching positions," said Huberman, CPS CEO.

"I think it's a good start. But we want to make sure that the funds and the budget cutting that they're doing in the central office will be redirected into the classroom," said Marilyn Stewart, Chicago Teachers Union president.

Huberman also said 16 administrators will be hired to help consolidate departments and implement changes.

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