Quinn continues work on budget

July 3, 2009 (CHICAGO) He met Friday with State Senator James Meeks.

After that meeting, Meeks criticized the state's Democratic leadership for failing to resolve the budget issues months ago--specifically House Speaker Mike Madigan, who called the governor a flip flopper.

Meeks laid blame for the lack of consensus on his entire party.

"We are in a position to move the state forward, but the state is not. But the state is at a standstill. We bear the responsibility. We bear the blame," Meeks said.

"I believe in a balanced budget that's fair and decent, but we need to have more revenue to have a balanced budget, and we're not going to let anyone in Illinois say that if we're going to have cuts in the budget, they're all going to be visited upon the least among us," Quinn said.

The governor says he's opposed to massive cuts that would devastate social service agencies.

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