2 Chicago officers shot

July 16, 2009 (CHICAGO) Several people are in custody.

The officers were each shot in the leg. Their injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

The shooting happened at a home near 112th Place and State on Thursday afternoon in the Roseland neighborhood.

The officers were released from the hospital on Thursday night. They're both veterans. One officer is 45 years old and has been on the force 15 years, and the other is 34 years old and has worked with Chicago police for nine years.

The Chicago police superintendent says so far there has been an officer-involved shooting every day this month.

ABC7 talked to a retired officer who understands the intensity and pain of the job. He nearly died when bullets punctured his face, aorta, wrist and arm and destroyed one lung.

It's been nearly 40 years since a robbery suspect shot Officer Sam Greco, leaving him with 11 bullet wounds. He's retired now but that September day, inside a lounge on West Madison, is burned into his memory.

"Every time a police officer gets hurt...God forbid dies... you relive it all over again," said Greco.

And that's what happened after Greco heard about two Chicago officers who were shot and injured on Thursday.

"My first instinct was, God, I pray they're okay," said Greco.

Both officers were shot in the leg. Chicago Police say a narcotics team was executing a search warrant. They announced they were police and entered a home through a rear entrance. Police say the 22-year-old suspect fired a gun through a closed door.

The officers were hit and fired back. The suspect was not injured and is now in custody.

It was the fourth officer-involved shooting since Monday.

"The level of violence being shown toward police officers is extraordinarily disturbing. People are trying to murder police officers left and right. And if you think about it, if they will do that to a uniformed officer, what will they do to innocent civilians on the street> And that's why we need the community to work with us," said Supt. Jody Weis, Chicago Police.

Alderman Anthony Beale shares that sentiment. He was in his office when the shooting happened just across the street.

"We have to turn those people in that you see doing illegal activity. My plea now is to the community. Don't accept the status quo. Be out set and get involved and let's make a difference," said Beale.

The officers were taken to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn and will survive. They will now join other officers who have faced death like Greco.

Greco's partner killed the suspect and the two both got awards. But even today, Greco shares his own lesson to other officers on a hot call.

"If you are going into a call go slow. Take in everything around you. Assess what's going on and then act," said Greco.

Greco now has four relatives on the force, including his son.

No charges have been filed in Thursday's shooting.

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