Tips for the 'Household Executive'

September 7, 2009 Dr. Joe Siegler-- executive coach, board-certified physician, and founder of Full Life Coaching Centers--believes the term "household executive" (more than "housewife" or "househusband") really captures the diverse skill set and responsibilities involved in successfully running a modern home.

"Household management can seem like an overwhelming set of endless duties," says Siegler. "However, like any enterprise, the key is breaking down the main job into manageable components and tasks." In his new book Fire Your Therapist, the coaching formula for success (Wiley, June 2009, paperback) he introduces simple and practical coaching tools to increase energy, enjoyment, and competency in managing your household.

Organize and delegate:

· Break household into various functions; i.e. bill-paying, cleaning; laundry; kids' activities, travel, etc.

· Assign functions to specific family members; don't assume someone else will just take care of it.

· Clearly identify tasks performed by third parties: i.e. extended family members; or employees (i.e. housekeepers; nannies etc.)

List long term goals for each function:

· Increase family revenues and cut household expenditures (especially important during lean economic times)

· Create a greener household

· Plan low-cost family vacations

· Schedule romantic activities and dates

· Set time frames and metrics for completion for each (i.e. a targeted budget)

Set and track incremental steps:

· Break larger tasks into smaller steps, and track completion of each:

o Household revenues and expenditures: Create budget; get kids part-time work; cut coupons; find less expensive alternatives to luxury/entertainment items

o Greener household: Organize recycling bins; use energy efficient light bulbs; research heating/cooling alternatives

o Low-cost family vacation; research local attractions; plan road-trip; assign fund-raising activities for trips (i.e. sell old clothes; family paper route, etc.)

o Romance and dates: align schedules; research inexpensive dating activities

Remember to set aside time for you:

· With so many tasks to juggle and hectic schedules, it is even more important to spend time on yourself. Your needs matter just as much as the needs of your children and significant other.

o Reconnect with friends

o Pick up a hobby you've neglected

o Take pride in your appearance. Dress for every day as you would for a top level job. This increases productivity. Don't neglect fashion, grooming, nutrition, or your overall wellbeing.

o Solo Time. Reconnect with yourself. Spend time alone at a café, meditate, exercise, nurture your spirituality and personal growth.

About Full Life Centers

Full Life Centers is a Chicago-based company that was founded in 1999 by Dr. Joe Siegler, board-certified psychiatrist and coach. The mission of Full Life is to bring unique coaching tools to individuals and organizations so that every person can actively build and live his or her best life. Dr. Siegler's non-fiction self-improvement book, Fire Your Therapist, the coaching formula for success, was published by John Wiley and Sons in July of 2009. Full Life Centers is located at 2750 N. Racine St. For more information, please visit in Chicago, he offers an alternative.

In Fire Your Therapist he gives you the tools and power to craft a unique life vision and then a customized goal-setting plan for achieving your ambitions. Based on the innovative Spheres of Life Coaching developed by Dr. Siegler, you will be introduced to multiple "spheres" ranging from work to love to fun. By taking charge of all areas of life, you can make quantum leaps of progress and discover your own unique secrets for attaining success.

Moving beyond positive thinking, this is a must-read guide for you to build and manage the life you truly want. His book explains how to move beyond traditional therapy to a more creative, affirming, and results-oriented approach. Fire Your Therapist shows you how to:

  • Assess the current situation and decide if coaching will be a better choice or addition

  • Evaluate the various areas of life, and decide where change is needed

  • Set goals, then create and implement step-by-step plans for achieving them

  • Improve task-and-time-management skills with laser precision

  • Enhance all aspects of life, including career, relationships, finances, family, and spirituality

  • Understand how coaching gets you to aim for greatness

  • Appreciate what coaching can do for communities and the world

    Traditional therapy focuses on your deficiencies rather than addressing your wants and needs, Dr. Seigler says. Therapists rarely focus on all areas of a client's life, nor on setting goals or achieving outcomes. Alternatively, other "self-help gurus" often do not have the clinical training to deal with your psychological, addiction, or relationship issues, he adds.

    Siegler, founder and president of Full Life, the nation's first coaching center, focuses on creating, achieving, and maintaining an overall coaching wellness plan that will restore inner and outer confidence. Fire Your Therapist is the essential guide for anyone who wants to move beyond talk to a hands-on, creative, outcomes-focused approach to achieving the life you want.

    Visit for more information and to purchase the book. The book is available now at,, and bookstores everywhere.

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