Mom warns son has ''commando-style plan''

She fears others could be hurt
September 20, 2009 (CHICAGO) Will County sheriff's investigators have not yet issued an arrest warrant for Jason Gonzalez. In fact, they are still just calling him a person of interest in the death of his uncle Lance Goebel. But it is becoming increasingly clear that both they and Gonzalez's family believe he is the main and only suspect.

"I'm very afraid from the evidence I found yesterday that he may continue to be a danger to the public," said Kim Gonzalez, victim's sister

Kim Gonzalez is talking about her son Jason, who appears to be the main suspect in her brother Lance Goebel's death. The 48-year-old father of two was found by his wife, shot to death in their New Lenox Township home Thursday afternoon.

"This was premeditated. My son has a military background and he's carrying out a commando-style plan," said Kim Gonzalez.

In fact Jason Gonzalez was in the army until two years ago, stationed in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. His mother says he had trouble adapting to civilian life. Having grown up without a father, Lance Goebel took on that role and Gonzalez lived with his family for a while, until a few months ago, when Goebel accused Jason with stealing from him.

"They were so close. He looked up and respected him so much. And I think when they had that falling out and he lost his job. I think it was just too much," said Kim Gonzalez.

The Will County sheriff's office is in charge of the investigation into Goebel's murder. From the beginning they've believed Gonzalez may be seeking refuge in a state park or campground. His mother agrees.

"His gun case was missing. His clothes missing. I found a receipt showing he purchased canned goods. Enough to last four of five days," said Kim Gonzalez.

And while Jason may be her son, Kim Gonzalez is warning the public against approaching him. "He's armed and very dangerous. He did indicate in his plan that he continues to go forward and that there could be further bloodshed."

Police believe Gonzalez may be using a 1997 green Saturn. With an Illinois license plate, number A-8-6-9-5-5-7. Anyone who sees the car or Gonzalez is advised to stay away and call their local police immediately.

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