Quinn supports limit on free CTA rides

October 17, 2009 (CHICAGO) Former governor Rod Blagojevich began the free rides for all seniors last year, but now the CTA is facing a $300 million deficit.

The agency expects the free ride program to cost $60 million next year. Both CTA and Metra said in the past week that they may have to raise fares.

Quinn said Saturday that he believes there should always be a program where seniors of low or modest income can ride for free.

"I think there's a principle as old as the Bible that taxes and fares and all of that, fees should be based on ability to pay. If someone is lucky enough, blessed by God to have a lot of money, no matter what their age, I don't think its necessary for them to have a free ride," Quinn said.

Thursday, the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) said it wanted to limit free rides to low-income seniors.

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