CPS student fatally shot

October 22, 2009 (CHICAGO) On Thursday afternoon, mourners gathered near the scene to pray.

Gamaliel Toscano, 17, was a student at Tilden Career Academy.

Toscano was gunned down in the 1100-block of West 47th.

A former teacher described Gamaliel Toscano as a good student that was quiet and well liked. He was not involved in a gang himself but he lived in a neighborhood where there was heavy gang influence.

On Thursday evening, friends left flowers at the scene where Toscano was shot near 17th and Racine. It is several blocks away from Tilden Career Academy where he was a student. A dispute that may have originated at school apparently led to the shooting at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday afternoon as he walked home from school.

"Senseless. You know. Kids argue. You know. They talk bad about each other. And somebody gets mad enough to find a gun and kill you," said Eddie Anguiano, afterschool program director.

Toscano was involved in the Commons Community Afterschool Program and had dreams of graduating high school, then going to college.

Third Ward Alderman Pat Dowell said he was well known and well liked in the back of the arts community.

"I am sure when he woke up this morning, that he expected his life would be over in an instant," said Dowell.

Police descended on the scene combing for evidence. The suspect got away, but there are reportedly several witnesses who may be able to lead investigators to him.

"It is devastating, as they all are," said Oriana Wilson, family friend.

Police have released few details about the shooting. Witnesses say the gunman walked up and shot Toscano in the head.

No one is in custody.

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