Woman's body found in trunk

October 27, 2009 (CHICAGO) Police at Area 5 identified the woman as Kenyatae Collier, 22, of the 2900-block of West Augusta. She had severe injuries to her head, police said, including a possible gunshot wound.

Collier's body was found in the trunk of a car that had several parking tickets on it. It appears that car was parked in the alley in the 2200-block of North Tripp for some time.

Collier worked in a nursing home and was a mother of three.

"She was fun-loving, very caring. She has three children, a very dedicated mother. She graduated from high school. She graduated with honors," said Bess Jones, aunt, who named Collier when she was born.

Jones says Collier had been missing since Sunday evening. Family members said the 22-year-old's husband called police. Her body was found in the couple's car, according to family.

"The family is very distraught by this because we just feel she didn't deserve to die like this," said Jones, victim's aunt.

Police confirm that Collier suffered trauma to her head. The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office says the victim suffered an apparent gunshot wound.

"I just really want someone to come forward with any type of information that concerns this death about my niece. She doesn't do anything to nobody. She is a loving, caring parent," said Tanisha Peppers, victim's aunt.

Family members say she was a loving young mother of three children ranging in ages from four to nine months old. Collier worked as a nursing assistant at a nursing home and had dreams of another career.

"She was very bright. Always very curious and even just from being a young child. Always aspired to be a doctor or a mortician," said Jones.

Jones says that a year ago Collier was shot in front of her home in an apparent robbery attempt, but no one was ever taken into custody. Last week, someone threw a bottle at her cutting up the right side of her face.

"It's been three very, very bad incidents and the third one just being the worst," said Jones.

The victim's youngest child, a baby boy, is nine months old today. Family members say they are concerned as to what will happen to her three children.

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