Research links obesity to cancers

November 5, 2009 According to the American institute for Cancer Research, more than 100,000 news cases of cancer are caused by obesity every year. And that has doctors concerned, because, overall, about one-third of US adults are obese, which means they are roughly 30 or more pounds above a healthy weight.

This new analysis suggests people with a weight issue may also face a greater risk of cancer.

The study is based on updated cancer data and a report released earlier this year by a panel of experts.

Among the types of cancers most strongly linked to excess body fat are: breast cancer, at about 33,000 cases a year, followed by endometrial cancer, at more than 20,000 cases. Also on the list are kidney, colorectal, pancreas, esophagus and gallbladder cancer.

Excess weight raises cancer risk in different ways. Researchers suspect changing hormones and insulin levels may play a role.

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