Families of Fort Hood shooting victims react

November 5, 2009 (CHICAGO) There was a flurry of phone calls, e-mails and texts.

A Fort Hood soldier from Joliet, Kiana Green Fayson, says the Army community in Texas will be stronger and closer after the shooting. But for right now, they are saddened that their fellow soldiers have been killed and wounded.

Amber Bahr, a 19-year-old soldier scheduled to go to Iraq in January, was shot in the stomach - not in a war zone, but Fort Hood, Texas.

"When you are still in our country, waiting to go, this isn't a phone call you're expecting to get," said Todd Koeping, wounded soldier's father.

Bahr's parents, who live in Random Lake, Wis., about 38 miles north of Milwaukee, heard from the hospital that Bahr was in stable condition.

"I'm hoping and praying everything works out and she'll be fine," said Koeping.

Another victim, 21-year-old Keara Bono, called her mother in Missouri after being shot.

"They shot me, they shot me. I think she was actually more upset and mad," said Peggy McCarty, wounded soldier's mother.

In all, 31 people were wounded. They were hauled away on stretchers and carried to safety. While these scenes unfolded, other Fort Hood soldiers called - or text their families in the Chicago area and Wisconsin.

In Joliet, it was a text, followed by a phone call. James Green was anxious to hear from his niece and her husband.

Specialist Kiana Green-Fayson is a Joliet West High graduate now stationed at Fort Hood along with her husband.

Kiana Fayson was not on base at the time of the shooting, but her husband was. He is safe. He was still trying to make his way home on Thursday night. Fayson says soldiers are stressed, but there is a lot of help available.

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