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November 10, 2009 (CHICAGO) RECIPES: Raclette Toasted Almonds with Rosemary


November 14 (2 - 4pm) - Book signing with Connie Fairbanks- Scratch That: Seasonal Menus and Perfect Pairings- Marion Street Cheese Market, 100 S. Marion Street, Oak Park, marionstreetcheesemarket.com, 708-725-7200

November 16 - Lexington College, "So You Want to Write a Book" by Connie Fairbanks, 12 noon, pr@lexingtoncollege.edu- Attention: Megan, lexingtoncollege.edu.com, 31 S. Peoria Street, Chicago, 312-226-6294

November 16 - Marion Street Cheese Market, 100 S. Marion Street, Oak Park, raclette dinner with Connie Fairbanks, 7pm, marionstreetcheesemarket.com, 708-725-7200


Raclette is modern day fondue that provides a wonderful way for families and friends to get together. Raclette is derived from the word, racler, to scrape. The tradition originated in Switzerland, and is practiced from late Fall to the beginning of Spring in France, and now in the US.

"My love affair with raclette began in the mid 80's," says Connie Fairbanks, author of Scratch That: Seasonal Menus and Perfect Pairings, the Cookbook for Home Chefs. "Every year, I introduce friends and family to this fun ritual, as it forces us to slow down and try new things around a communal table. Friends are always a little anxious to try it, so I demonstrate it first by melting Raclette cheese in little burners, and then placing this gooey goodness over smashed and boiled potatoes. I serve it with ham, cornichons, crusty bread, and wine. After raclette, we take a walk, and then come back and have a competitive Scrabble game and warm homemade cookies. It's a great evening."

Connie says Raclette-makers make a great family holiday gift, and can be used as a stove for those apartment dwellers. Several local grocery stores carry Raclette cheese and cornichons now."

You can find out more about Raclette in Connie's cookbook Scratch That which has a chapter devoted to it. Connie also wrote an article about Raclette in Culture cheese magazine. culturecheesmag.com. For more information, visit conniefairbanks.com.

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