Energizing Gadgets with the Tech Tailor

November 18, 2009 1. FitBit $99

Hot AND new, the FitBit tracks your sleep, walking and running -- and transfers everything to your computer. You wear it on your wrist, and it tracks distance travelled, calories burned, steps taken and sleep patterns. One of the few truly new concepts in technology. A terrific motivator for getting going in the morning.

2. Sharper Image Fog Free Shower Mirror w. wireless iPod Dock $60

The iPod docks and the music is sent WIRELESSLY to the mirror in the shower! Cool!

3. Powermat Wireless Charger $99

A wireless charging mat for your gadgets (phone, ipod, laptop, etc.). Nothing to plug in, no power cables, the battery charges over the air. Grab your gadgets in the morning and go!

4. Weather Butler Alarm Clock (tells you the outside weather and SAYS it to you on the alarm!) $60

The Time and Weather Butler is the Clock Radio from The Sharper Image® that will wake you each morning by announcing the date, time and outdoor temperature. It's a great way to plan your next move before even opening your eyes. Of course, you can always choose the traditional clock radio feature on those days when you're not ready to face the weather report. The Time and Weather Butler is an AM/FM Clock Radio with dual alarm. Audio-in allows for your favorite music device.

5. Amazon Kindle $249

The new Kindle is cheaper, super-slim and has wireless downloading available all over the world. I also get my newspapers on the Kindle -- so I know they're there waiting for me when wake up! So much better than opening my laptop in bed! (I get in trouble for that!)

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