Green turkeys for Thanksgiving

CHICAGO More people are thinking "green" for Thanksgiving, including the main attraction. We went to a certified organic farm to see how these coveted turkeys are spending their last days. It is a charmed life for them at Mint Creek Farm. There's plenty of space to roam, a convenient area to seek shelter, lots of friends to keep you company and the best food available.

"They're able to range out on the grass and eat bugs and eat clover. There's lots of bugs that provide a rich feed for the turkeys that they wouldn't normally get if they were raised in confinement," said Harry Carr, Min Creek Farm.

In addition to nature's food, the broad-breasted white turkeys are also supplemented with organically certified feed including nutrient rich corn and oats.

"It's a lot more expensive way of doing it. It's about two-and-a-half, three times more expensive to do it this way, but to me it yields a better quality," said Carr.

Mint Creek Farm is 220 acres of certified organic farmland. The owner, Harry Carr, also raises goats and sheep here. All of the pasture-raised animals are grown for sale usually at farmers' markets or through online orders.

This is only the second season that Carr has included turkeys on his farm. He samples the product to make sure it's up to par for the big day.

"Our last batch of turkeys that are being processed before Thanksgiving are being done the 21st, which is a Saturday, and then we will offer home delivery on those birds to your home Sunday, Monday and Tuesday," said Carr.

With all the pampered treatment, we asked if he thought there were any signs the birds were getting nervous.

"You know, it's one bad day, but the rest of their life they've been having a grand time," said Carr.

Mint Creek Farm will be selling its turkeys at three farmers markets this weekend. For a complete list or to order for home delivery click on these links:

Pick-up locations:

Green City Market (at Notebaert Nature Center), Nov. 18 & 21

Experimental Station Market (Hyde Park, 61st & Blackstone), Nov. 21

Congress Theater (Logan Square, 2135 N Milwaukee Ave), Nov. 22

Home Deliveries possible, for $10 extra

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