Winter Makeup and Skincare Tips

November 24, 2009 We saw dark lips, smoky eyes and rock star hair. Navigating these trends can be a bit tricky so we have Beauty Expert Mickey Williams here to show us how to pull off this new fall and winter glam with ease and also share some pointers on how to prepare skin for cooler temps and repair what summer has left behind


This season's new lip shades are definitely a statement. Two things to look for when experimenting with deep toned shades are colors that aren't going to dry out and shades that compliment your skin tone and do not create a narrow, pursing to your mouth. Even though the shade is dark, it doesn't mean it has to make lips appear smaller. Go for a long wear gloss or balm and find one that doesn't settle in the grooves.

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss
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Another trend we've been seeing for years on the runways is the smoky eye.


When wearing some darker shades one thing you're going to notice is your teeth can look a bit grayish or yellow when pulling off a deep hue. Step up your brushing and bring in whitening toothpastes. Our pick is Crest's whitening with Scope Toothpaste. Why we like it is because the gentle silica brushes away surface stains which will get your smile ready for a plum lip pick, but it also keeps breath fresh longer- up to 5 times longer. Most important: No sensitivity as with a tray or strip.

Crest Plus Scope Whitening Toothpaste
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Bangs and Pony Tails
Now on to another hot trend this season -the loose waves or long rock star hair that every celebrity has donned on the red carpet and in the streets of Hollywood. What about the cutting edge bangs or sleek pony? Here's a secret ladies: most of those celebrities are wearing clip in pieces that allow fullness and to achieve that gorgeous rolled wave, bang or long layers you see.

HairDo Bangs and Pony
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Winterizing skin is important in cold and windy climates. The same creams that worked for you in the summertime may not be potent enough for the frosty months. Winter is also my favorite season to repair what the spring and summer months may have left behind with all of the outdoor activity.

What about permanently fading the sun damage and darkness? Is winter the time to do this?

Discoloration, sun spots, melasma, hyper pigmentation all add years to your complexion. Before, the only place to turn was hydroquinone, but this topical treatment has come under intense fire for potentially dangerous side effects. Because of its suspected toxicity, many women can not get proper treatment for their skin. Enter Lumixyl, a new topical treatment. Developed by dermatologists at Stanford University, the peptide solution restrains tyrosine, the enzyme responsible for initiating the overproduction of melanin, which causes uneven pigmentation and dark spots.

SRP $120

Question: All this talk of anti-oxidants. Is this the way to go to repair summer damage on skin and to start to repair what's already been done? And is there a super anti-oxidant available without having to visit the doctor's office that is emollient enough for winter?

DDF Advanced Firming Cream

Anti-oxidants are definitely the buzz word around doctor's offices and for good reason. Free-radical damage is happening right now to your skin and slowing breaking down the proteins that create the plump structure that keeps you looking young. DDF Advanced Firming Cream is one part of a system created by the acclaimed dermatologist Dr.Sobel. The ultra rich night cream utilizes the purest form of Turmeric (known for its incredible healing aspects all over the world) to restructure where damage has already started and ward off the radical damage that occurs while you sleep. Doctor created but available without having to visit the office. Our winter nighttime cream pick!

SRP $130

And an option that anyone can pick form a local drug store is Resculpting Cream by Olay Regenerist. It's at $24.99 and works with a different technology to rehydrate cells rather than firm tissues

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