Ministers warn of hospital closures with tax rollback

November 27, 2009 (CHICAGO) The members of Concerned Clergy of Illinois spoke to ABC7's Paul Meincke after conferring with the head of the Cook County Hospital and Health Care Administration.

They said the administration's CEO, William Foley, told them Provident and Oak Forest Hospitals can't survive a sales tax rollback, and Provident's emergency room would close soon.

"There's a lot of emergencies that come here. And that will have to be eliminated. This impact of loss of funds will cause that to take place," Bishop Cody Marshall said. "It's like a domino effect. You don't have people treated in the emergency room, so now you don't have people treated in the hospital."

It appears there are enough votes Tuesday to override President Stroger's veto of the tax rollback.

Commissioners who favor the rollback say the county budget they approved has enough money to keep all the hospitals open.

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