Urlacher on Cutler: 'I think we're fine'

December 4, 2009 (CHICAGO) Some interpreted Urlacher's recent talk of the team's shift from a running to a passing-oriented team as a stab at Jay Cutler. But Urlacher defended Cutler Friday, explaining to Chiaverini, "I think (Jay and I are) fine...He's done a good job for our team. He's gonna be our quarterback for a long time."

Since lamenting the changing face of the Chicago Bears in an internet story published earlier this week, critics have suggested Urlacher should watch what he says -- including retired tackle Warren Sapp, who bluntly said Urlacher should "shut up."

Urlacher tried to clarify what he meant.

"We have changed. We have a quarterback that can throw the football, so we're throwing it more. That's all I meant by that. Is that not true? If you've got a quarterback like Jay Cutler, why not throw the football?"

Urlacher is an honorary chairman of "Clothes for Kids" and was on hand Friday to help distribute thousands of coats to underprivileged kids.

"In a couple months I should be back to normal," Urlacher said.

Urlacher said he hoped the time off this season would give his body some extra time to heal itself. He helped out Friday wearing a pink cast on his right wrist that he said is due to be taken off Monday.

Why the pink cast?

"My buddies said I wouldn't do it," Urlacher said, "so I did it."

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