City awaits first winter snow storm

December 6, 2009 (CHICAGO) The wintry weather was expected supposed to start overnight.

Holiday shoppers along Michigan Avenue Sunday were not buying into concerns about one of Chicago's first winter storms.

"I love Chicago. Love the fist snow. It's always beautiful," holiday shopper Shari Kravitz.

According to the National Weather Service, the intense winter storm will hit the area some time Sunday night, bringing snow, sleet, and strong winds to the area, with a possible accumulation of between one and two inches.

"Only two inches?" said Gayle Parsanko. "Please, that's easy. That's nothing.

Indiana residents Rob and Kara McCall were planning to drive back home to St. John Sunday and were not concerned.

"We're used to it. If you're from this area, you're used to driving in the snow. You're cautious, but at the same time, you have places to go and people to see," said Rob McCall.

At the Home Depot on North Avenue:

"We have various types of shovels," said Derrick Tillman, assistant manager of Home Depot.

But most people in the store were more interested in snapping up Christmas trees than ice melt.

"The media is out on the snow thing. It's one-to-three inches. What are we talking about?" said customer Frank Thomas.

Still, because Sunday night's storm could be a precursor a more serious winter weather expected later in the week. Operators over at Illinois School Bus company are preparing for the worst.

"The biggest challenge tomorrow is the traffic. So, we'll try to get out early. Hopefully, the parents will be understanding with us because of the heavy traffic," said John Suber of the Illinois Bus Company.

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