Naperville triplets beat 1-in-200 million odds

December 6, 2009 (NAPERVILLE, Ill.) Ainsley, Emma and Samantha were born a few days ago at Edward hospital during their mother's 35th week of pregnancy.

The odds of having identical triplets with no fertility drugs are estimated at one in 200 million, according to some sources.

Just a couple of years ago, parents Elaine and David Kaempf were having trouble getting pregnant. So, they turned to in-vitro fertilization. They were successful with the birth of twin boys.

However, they wanted to have a third baby without the use of fertility drugs. Now, they are a happy family of seven.

"We don't do things the conventional way in our house. So, I wasn't surprised. We did so well with the twins, and we thought if we're going to have another pregnancy, we might as well go over the top a little more," David Kaempf said.

"We're feeling very thrilled and blessed. We're ready to go home. We're ready to introduce the little girls to their big brothers," said Elaine Kaempf.

Doctors say the girls are doing very well.

Edward hospital in Naperville is one of the Chicago area's busiest hospitals for the delivery and care of multiple births.

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