Chicagoland prepares for more snow

December 7, 2009 (CHICAGO) On Monday, the snow had Hyde Park resident Susan Nohlgren getting prepared for the next storm.

"I woke up this morning. It's my day off and I decided before they run out to come and get some bags of salt for the winter," said Sue Nohlgren, salt buyer.

Just hours after Chicagoland saw its first significant snowfall, our area could be hit with another stronger winter storm on Tuesday.

"I'm from Chicago. So I'm a true Chicagoan. So we were lucky to have the weather we've had thus far," said Jamarl Crayton.

A lot of commuters were caught off guard this morning by the area's latest winter weather.

It wasn't major, but it was enough snow to hinder drivers during the morning rush hour and the first of what likely will be many snows this winter.

The snowfall was over by 8 a.m. in most places, but the white stuff blanketed most of the area, causing slick roads and traffic delays.

"I don't want to see it. If it stays like this I'm fine," said Tina Bryant, motorist.

Although only one to two inches of snow accumulated in most areas, it was a mess for IDOT crews patrolling area expressways and toll ways.

"The other half group didn't get everything salted and things slicked up," said Carmen LaCullo, Illinois Dept. of Transportation.

And it could be worse if more snow and cold comes. This is especially so for volunteer bell ringer Kevin Wessle- who spends most of the day outside spreading holiday cheer.

"I just get prepared. I wear my long johns and my gloves as you can see and just be prepared for the weather," said Kevin Wessle, Salvation Army Bell Ringer.

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