Special Segment: Holiday Deals

December 7, 2009 (CHICAGO) Retailers will be glad to see shoppers in the market for merchandise. However, retailers took a conservative approach this holiday season. In other words, shoppers waiting for the best sales may miss out.

Shoppers should not wait too long to buy what is on their shopping lists.

Nikki Bravo isn't taking any chances so she's shopping early.

"I've run into the problem when you've waited and waited and there was nothing left. I don't want to wait too late and have disappointed nieces and nephews," said Nikki Bravo, shopper.

The assistant store manager at Sears on State Street said with specials held before Christmas, merchandise options will narrow.

"You want to come in now. The sales are good now. The same sales will be going on and you got 40, 50, 60 percent off and the assortment is better now so you want to come in now when the items are here," said Gus Sakkas, Sears.

Retailers order their holiday merchandise months before. Last winter and spring when many retail buyers were putting in orders Americans were in the thick of the recession. Experts said the uncertain economy led to timid buyers and less back stock.

"The reality is that unlike last year retailers have been very cautious and have cut have back inventories," said George Rosenbaum, Leo J. Shapiro & Assoc.

George Rosenbaum is a retail research analyst for Leo J. Shapiro and Associations in Chicago. He said if there's something you want now is the time to make the purchase.

"It would be very smart for a shopper who is buying for themselves or gifts within the family or for the house to shop early," said Rosenbaum.

Despite the predictions, this savvy grandmother already has a system. She'll take her chances and wait for the deep sales in order to get the most value.

"I find what I need usually. You find it's out there. I have six grandchildren so I'm out there shopping for grandchildren," said Marilyn Donnelly, shopper.


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