Jurors in serial murder case hear closing arguments

December 9, 2009 (CHICAGO) Prosecutors say Andre Crawford is the so-called "Pattern-A" killer.

He's charged with killing 11 women in the city's Englewood community in the 1990's.

During the closing arguments prosecutors went through details of how all 11 victims were killed. The prosecution displayed on a screen very graphic crime scene photos of the victims. For some family members it proved to be too much and they had to leave.

As for the defendant, he just sat there and listened. He is the longest serving inmate in Cook County jail history. He looks very different than on the day he was charged nine years ago. The 47-year-old is heavier, bald and wears glasses. He was wearing an oxford shirt and dress pants. He jotted notes as the state's attorney detailed how Crawford raped and murdered 11 women and attempted to kill a 12th in the 1990's.

Prosecutors said Crawford's alleged spree began in September of 1993 with the murder of Patricia Dunn. It was followed by the murder of Rhonda King.

One woman that is not being identified is in her 50's. She testified she was raped several times and beaten with a two by four. She survived by playing dead.

Most victims were drug addicts and prostitutes. They were strangled or bludgeoned.

The prosecutor said "the defendant turned Englewood into his city." The terror ended when he was charged.

The trial came as a relief to victims' family members who filled in the rows of the courtroom. They were shown a video confession and D.N.A. that linked him to almost all of the crimes.

Because the victims were prostitutes, the defense attorney argued that given the lifestyle of a prostitute it could be expected that more than one man's D.N.A. could be found.

Closing arguments wrapped up on Wednesday evening. Jurors were then given jury instructions, after which it will go to the jury. Andre Crawford is eligible for the death penalty.

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