Statement by the Illinois Department of Revenue

"The matter of the ownership of V/Live is under active and thorough investigation. Director Hamer never gets involved in Liquor Control investigations and Executive Director Krozel has not had any role in this investigation and neither would have anything to discuss with you."

"The Department has responded appropriately to the issues raised by Mr. Gottlieb and referred the matter to the appropriate investigatory agency."

"Mr. Gottlieb is not the director of investigations for either the Department of Revenue or the Liquor Control Commission and he does not report to either Ms. Krozel or Director Hamer. He reports to the Criminal Investigations and Liquor License enforcement director."

"Mr. Gottlieb is not now, nor has he ever been in a position to know what, if any, personal relationships either Ms. Krozel or Mr. Hamer had with Mr. Kelly or anyone else in the former administration. Mr. Hamer never met Chris Kelly and Ms. Krozel did not have a personal relationship with him either."

"Again, the department does not discuss open investigations."

- Illinois Department of Revenue

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