State invests $24M in UPS, saves 3,000 jobs

December 21, 2009 (Hodgkins, Ill.) Without the investment 3,000 jobs in the UPS plants located in Hodgkins and Rockford could have been lost.

Governor Quinn said he sees Illinois as an inland port with goods leaving the state via the roads, railways, and the water ways. He said investing in UPS is a way to keep Illinois at the heart of the American economy.

The conveyer belts at the Hodgkins facility moves a steady stream of packages that will be shipped to destinations across the country in time for Christmas.

Christmas has come early for the workers at the UPS plant, who were told that their jobs were here to stay, thanks to a $24 million investment from the state.

"There was some concern with UPS restructuring this would move jobs to Louisville, Kentucky or elsewhere. We don't want that to happen," said Quinn.

The $24 million which will be administered by the Department of Commerce in the form of tax credits over a 10 year period will enable UPS to modernize both the Hodgkins' and Rockford's plants and save 3,000 jobs that may have been lost if the company consolidated its operations.

That means a lot to Melanie Poston who worked her way up to a management position.

"I didn't go to college, so it was kind of a challenge for me. But UPS provided me with the opportunity to go to school and learn skills, plus on the job skills was very helpful," said Melanie Poston, UPS employee.

"It's great UPS is given the opportunity to gain such a great customer and more volume and more packages. It means better job stability for myself and the other 24,000 plus people here in Illinois, including globally," said Nick Santangelo, UPS employee.

UPS employs 24,000 people in 35 locations across the state and the company said it wants to maintain a strong relationship with Illinois.

"We're a great company. We're a great employer and we look forward to continuing the long standing relationship with you great employees," said George Brooks, UPS employee.

UPS said its long-term goal is to maintain and build business here in Illinois. And that along the way, it is also invested $3 million in community service programs in the state.

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