Women's health tips in a tough economy

December 26, 2009 And in this tough economy, many may not be making their own health a top priority.

But if you've lost your job or seen your income reduced this year, then it's more important than ever to take care of yourself.

Dr. Ashlesha Patel is a women's health expert, and she's here with some helpful advice.

Tips for keeping health a top priority in a difficult economy:

  • Don't forgo health insurance: if you're laid off, explore options for extending your plan to maintain regular visits with primary doctors, gynecologists and other specialists--there are government-backed programs that can help you reduce your monthly COBRA payment.
  • Don't skip regular prescriptions (i.e., birth control, allergy or asthma meds): maintenance of your daily health regimens is important to preventing larger health issues--ask your doctor about discount vouchers or financial assistance programs; certain pharmacies offer low-cost or no charge prescriptions, too (e.g., Walmart)
  • Plan ahead for health needs and special circumstances: make health a factor in planning for vacations or holidays (e.g., New Year's Eve)--make sure you always have a Plan A and a Plan B
  • Don't derail your health: Know your "health baseline" and pay attention to any changes--regularly check your own skin for moles, monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol and weight every year to keep track of early indicators for future problems

Resources available:

  • WhatWillYourPlanBe.com: an innovative new resource that provides the support and expert advice young adults need to develop Plan B's for their health, finances and jobs.
  • GoAskAlice.com: Q&A and health advice written by health experts

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