Gardening with Jennifer Brennan

January 12, 2010 5:53:33 AM PST
Jennifer Brennan and Tracy Butler mark 15 years of gardening segments on ABC7 This Morning.In the Glasshouse at Chalet - The houseplants that Jennifer can not resist. I thought the viewers might want to know which plants I can't live without. You know the plants that you have no resistance to - the ones that always ruin your strongest budgeting goals? Here are mine:

-ZZ plant, Zamiculcas zamiifolia. I love it because it is tolerant to neglect and it has a very exotic appearance.

-Staghorn fern, Platycerium sp. I like this once uncommon plant because it has highly variable leaf shapes and a very unusual growth habit. The basal leaves (or fronds) clasp onto a vertical growing surface and serve a the base of the "staghorn" shaped foliar leaves. Another fun exotic to have in a plant collection. And not fussy like other ferns.

-Rex Begonias, Begonia rex cultorium. These are quickly becoming as popular as African violets or Orchids because of their boldly colored leaves. And the best part is that they grow in shade (outdoors), which makes them perfect candidates for inside our homes.

-Cape Primrose, Streptocarpus sp. These have been favorites of mine since I did research on them when I was in college doing an internship at a botanical garden in Philadelphia. They are long flowering cousins of the African Violets. They have a very easy and interesting propagation technique - just cut a leaf in half and stick it in soil. Where every vein touches, it will root and produce a new plant. So fun! (And easy to share.)

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