Chicago residents turn out for CAPS rally

January 16, 2010 4:20:04 PM PST
Mayor Daley spoke about keeping kids out of trouble and away from violence during a CAPS rally Saturday morning. The rally took place at St. John Missionary Baptist church on the city's far South Side.

Daley he urged those in attendance to reach out to families who are struggling. The mayor also spoke about violence and repeated his call for those who witness crime to break the code of silence.

Daley said, without witnesses who come forward, the police can only do so much.

He praised those who turned out for the weekend event.

"You're making a statement as a community: Enough is enough. It is over with. This is a new year, and we are going to show the rest of the city how this community will respond to any incident and prevent any incident," Daley said.

The mayor also spoke about a number of programs offered throughout the city this winter to keep kids busy and out of trouble.