How to winterize your hair

January 20, 2010 10:07:22 AM PST
Did you know that hair breakage occurs mostly during the winter? Did you know that warm central air indoors could be just as detrimental as the frigid air outside? Did you know that your winter accessories might be wreaking more havoc on your hair than they are strengthening your look?That means we must take the time to winterize our hair, says Kathleen Johnson, the brand educator for Dr. Miracle's hair care products. We safeguard our homes, vehicles, and even our body in preparation for the frosty winter air, but all too often we forget to tailor our beauty routine to the winter chill, Kathleen adds. Many women commit the same beauty mistakes year after year that result in dry, shedding, damaged hair. She offers some tips for keeping your hair healthy al winter long.

During the winter months, the air becomes frigid and dry. This climactic shift strips strands of the natural oils, which keep hair moisturized and strong. The prolonged impact of these extreme elements can lead to the weakening of the hair strands, leaving them vulnerable to breakage. The few inconspicuous hairs that people lose everyday, whether they appear in your brush or on your pillow, will multiply vastly and eventually become noticeable as a result of breakage.

Hair becomes lifeless, dry and brittle. It's important to give your hair an added dose of TLC to ensure its survival throughout the season.

DOs and DON'Ts:

  • DO get your hair trimmed more often. Dryness starts at the ends of the strands, the portion of hair that spends more time exposed to the elements.
  • DO moisturize. Deep conditioning becomes a necessity to give your hair the extra strength and elasticity it needs to prevent breakage. The infusion of protein which can be found in household items like eggs and mayonnaise, and essential oils, like jojoba, sunflower, avocado and lavender, which can found in store-bought hair care products like Dr. Miracle's Damaged Hair Medicated Treatment, is vital to hair health. Also, apply an additional spritz of oil sheen to coat your strands before fairing any extreme temperatures. Meanwhile, be sure to drink lots of water and consume plenty of protein, which are the building blocks of hair.
  • DON'T use heat-styling tools excessively as they can exacerbate the dryness that your tresses are already experiencing.
  • DON'T wear tight headwear. Most people throw on their hats during winter with the knowledge that their head will be kept warm, with the possibility of minor perspiration. What many don't know is that under their hats, their sebaceous glands are being overworked, resulting in the warm perspiration and, sadly, limp greasy locks. This same hat, worn repeatedly, can deposit dirt and grease on your clean hair. Additionally, the frequent wear of fitted headwear sucks moisture from the strands and increases the chance of dry breakage.
    When choosing styles, make sure you're not over-styling, which means protecting the hairline and using accessories that work with your hair?not against it. Opt for moisture sealing fabrics, such as silk, when working with headbands or hair ties, and experiment with protective styles which shield hair against aggressive winds or snow.

    When we say protective styles, we mean hair options that limit contact with clothing or additional irritants. Some of the more popular styles are buns or ponytails; however you must safeguard these styles as even they can become harmful if done incorrectly. Important rules to follow:

  • Never pull the hair too tight, as immense tension could disrupt the hairline and encourage breakage.
  • Also, be sure to alternate placement of these styles so not to impose stress on one particular area. If you always wear a low ponytail, try moving it to the side?or if you always wear your bun in the middle of your hair, opt for a trendy ballerina bun, located on the top of the crown.
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