New program urges crime witnesses to speak out

April 10, 2010 2:14:49 PM PDT
Chicago has a new campaign urging people to disclose information about crimes and suspects, and end a code of silence.The campaign is funded by a half-million dollar federal grant. It includes radio and TV spots, and print media ads.

Daley watched one of the videos with educators, clergy, police, and victims' families. The families joined him in denouncing silence by witnesses.

"While coming outside of a church, a place that's supposed to be a safe ground, somebody came by shooting and stole my son's life. As of today, it's been four years. Our case is still not solved," said Pam Bosley, mother of shooting victim Terrell Bosley.

"He was a gospel musician, college student. I drove him to school for four years, just to make sure nothing would happen to him. And the one place I thought he would be safe would be church," said Tom Bosley,Terrell's father.

Many groups are working to stop violence in Chicago.