Chicago's Favorites: Museum of Science and Industry

February 17, 2010 Smart Home (reopens in March)

The Smart Home: Green + Wired exhibit, a fully-functioning, eco-friendly home on the Museum's grounds, will be transformed for 2010 by Midwest Living. The home will be redesigned to reflect the lifestyle of a couple looking to minimize home maintenance, maximize efficiency and settle in to a space that not only is beautiful, but functional.

Science Storms (opens March 18)

Get up close and personal with a twister and other awesome forces of nature when Science Storms opens in March.

The large-scale exhibits of Science Storms recreate seven iconic natural phenomena-lightning, fire, tornados, avalanches, tsunamis, sunlight and gravity-and explore the basic physics and chemistry within them. Get caught up in forces of nature like motion, waves, chemical reactions and electrical charges as you:

-Step into a 40-foot swirling vortex of air to feel the dynamics of a tornado

-Watch crackling lightning from a large Tesla coil

-Cause a tsunami in a 30-foot-long tank of water

These forces will be at your command in the Museum's next permanent exhibit. Science Storms will stir your sense of wonder at nature's power - the very wonder that has driven scientists throughout history to understand and explain natural phenomena. It'll be a perfect storm of physics, chemistry and controlled calamity.

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