New Electronic Gadgets

February 18, 2010 10:09:45 AM PST
The iPad has everybody talking, but it's not the only new electronic gadget on the market. Techno Dad, Mike Ferrara visited the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and discovered several other new products that are useful and make life fun.

· Sonos ZonePlayer S5 Wireless Speaker--plays your iTunes all over the house, control from your iPhone, of course: $400

· iPod chargers--oh boy, have we've got chargers from-- Newer Technology, Belkin, Amazon, Duracell and DLO : $20-$40

· Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones--fold up for easy storage, extended range: $100

· Aluratek Libre eReader--more affordable than Kindle or Nook and comes with 100 free eBooks: $180

· Miracle LED lights--lasts 600 percent longer than standard bulbs, nearly zero heat output: $15

· Kensington washable keyboard--imagine a germ-free keyboard you can wash in the sink: $40

· Lit'l web book--revolutionary laptop with super-simple interface, hooks up to your TV, great for older users: $700

· Myine Abbee--automatically removes commercials from FM broadcasts and loads them onto a portable player: $250

· Pocket Radar gun--great for measuring the speed of your child's fastball this spring. $249

All the products can be found at: