Local golfers react to Woods' apology

February 19, 2010 10:05:24 AM PST
Golfer Tiger Woods ended three months of silence and apologized for recent infidelity Friday morning, saying he needs help and has a long way to go.

Woods addressed an invited group of media, family and friends Friday in Florida.

About 40 people were on hand, including his mother, but not his wife. The world's number-one golfer had not talked in public since his traffic accident November 27 triggered shocking revelations about his infidelity. He issued an apology and had strong words regarding his wife and what has been reported in some media outlets.

Woods took no questions and gave no indication on when he would return to golf. Starting Saturday, he said he would leave for more therapy.

Tiger Woods set a standard that many athletes and golfers hoped to follow until the scandal unfolded back in November.

Local golfers at a White Pines Golf Dome in Bensenville were interested to watch the much-anticipated statement on television.

When Woods started speaking just after 10 a.m., about half of the golfers in the driving range paused and watched, some for only five minutes, and walked back to their games.

The other half simply continued working on their swing, not paying any attention.

Some said they thought Woods should have made the statement earlier. Most of them said they believe the sex scandal is between Woods and his wife, Elin.

Golfers at the dome were a split on whether Woods needed to make the public apology, although they all thought he was sincere.

"I think it was very controlled and contrived, and I think the proof is in the pudding in the future as to how he changes his actions," said one male golfer.

"Sure it's controlled, but it's really Tiger more than it is -- [if] Phil Mickelson had the same situation, he'd do it differently. This is Tiger. I accept that," said another male golfer.

"I thought it was very sincere," said a female golfer. "I am glad he spoke to the children. There are so many young boys and girls out there that really, really look up to Tiger. I'm glad he addressed them. Hopefully, over time, they'll realize that he's an adult and adults make mistakes and he feels bad about it."